I know I still have the “Draw Yourself” meme to do but it’s that time of month again! RAGE AGAINST THE VAGEEN is having another show on April 27th so I designed another poster! Once again, if you’re in the Rochester Area/support up and coming female comics than please come to the show or at least help us spread the word! 
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Smithers, release the hounds….
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Go for it! Ask me!

Hey followers! I know I haven’t been posting much art lately - there’s a lot going on, mainly being in the unfortunate position where I have to take on multiple minimum wage jobs just to stay afloat. I’m in a bit of a rut, and I’m getting so depressed and emotionally numb that I can’t seem to even draw just for myself anymore.  
To cut to the chase, I’ve seen so many wonderful artists on tumblr do this Draw Yourself Series and maybe this little meme is what I need to pull me out of this slump. So flood my ask box! 
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2 Dirty Hippies asks the hard questions about Sasquatch love that no one ever wanted answered


by Brandon Beck (hellyesbrandon)

A few years ago I went to a Primus concert. This was right around the time that Les Claypool’s non-Primus projects had been fully embraced by the jam band scene, and so instead of being populated by the big scary metal heads that had made up the majority of their fanbase before, it was equal parts metaldudez and crunchy jam band brahs. It was an odd scene, to say the least, and both groups seemed wary of each other, but in the end there was no big cross-scene West Side Story gang war. To me, Sara Peck’s 2 Dirty Hippies is the closest comic book equivalent of this stalemate: Part of it wants to fully embrace the hippy-dippy aesthetic and mindset while another part wants to keep the ironic hipster detachment and judgement of its characters that the book’s antagonists have. In the end, it winds up feeling like a book that, despite good art, is never fully confident enough to be as funny or satirical as it wants to be.

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Wow, thank you for the in-depth an honest review of my book, “2 Dirty Hippies”! First of all, thank you for taking the time.  Second of all gosh, thank you so much for all the kind and lovely things you said about my artwork! 

I agree with a lot of the points you made. Had I not been so rushed to finish this for a class, I would have made it a lot longer so I could expand on Tambourines character and made her more 3 dimensional.  But oh well - I’ve learned a lot since I wrote and illustrated 2 Dirty Hippies almost a year ago, most of what I learned I learned through making the book! 

Maybe one day I’ll revamp and rework this story, add more too it, bearing your review in mind. I’ve also toyed with the idea of making new stories with the Tambourine and Sasquatch. But for now, I’m working on some new comics with new characters and I’m eager to hear what you think of those! ;)

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It’s that time of month again! Here’s the march poster for RAGE AGAINST THE VAGEEN - an All Female Comedy Showcase created and hosted by my dear friend Madelein Smith!
So if you support a safe space for up and coming feminist comics please help us get the word out there. And if you live in the Rochester area, consider coming to the show! It’s a lot of fun!
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Burnsie and Smithers as Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny. The comparison was too funny not to draw.
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YOUR ART IS AMAZING! i'm very inspired. keep up the kickass work!!!!!


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"Careful Smithers! Your mouth has teeth you know!" 

…what the hell is wrong with me?
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Senpai Burns finally notice him! 

…once again I feel the need to apologize to my followers. I’m so so sorry…
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