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Your art style is awesome so unique I love everything about it! Your truly an inspiration


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Uh-oh! It’s that time again! RAGE AGAINST THE VAGEEN!!!
As always, if you’re in the Rochester area be sure to come on down Sept 21st to the Comedy Club and support your local female comics!
And if ya can’t make the show, likes and reblogs are always appreciated!
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The MC Bat Commander! My handsome prince!
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I really love your art style holy fuck


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Why, it’s little ol’ me!



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That time of the month came early this time! That’s right! RAGE AGAINST THE VAGEEN is happening again already!
If you’re in the Rochester or Upstate NY area you should definitely swing by!
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Don’t have a cow, man
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It’s that time of the month again! RAGE AGAINST THE VAGEEN is back on July 30th at the usual place and time! If you’re in the Rochester area, you should totally go and support your local female comics!
And if you’re not in the area, do us a solid and spread this around like an STD or a bad cat-related meme. 
Also oh god it’s been WAY TOO LONG since I’ve uploaded anything a thousand pardons. I promise once my life settles down I will have a butt-load of updates :)
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